$18.00 USD

Protect the ones you love most.

Fight staph. Ringworm. Impetigo. Virus. Bacteria. Infection.

With Zombie Sport Company we do in one tin of our wound care what you have to purchase several items of your go-to, to achieve. We calm, cool, numb, coagulate, soothe, and disrupt the replication of viruses, and bacteria. We heal in a fraction of the time, saving you money for your pets long-term.

We supercharge your pet's natural immunity at the wound site by creating a natural microbiome encapsulation over the wound so it keeps viruses and bacteria out, begins replication destruction and at the same time allows your wound to breathe. The best part, we do all of this 100% naturally.

Our cutting-edge blend of essential oils, and butter, has antimicrobial, antiviral, and antifungal properties that are formulated to help reduce inflammation, fight infection, and promote healing. 

Our fast-acting formula is designed for abrasions, cuts, and scrapes, or the geezeeee buddy, really, really?! moments.  Protect those you love most with Zombie Sport Company.

“My dog got attacked and had 38 stitches. We began using AniSport and It’s incredible how quickly she healed and how great the skin looked during healing. If you have animals and do not want chemicals, or synthetics, you’ve found the product. We absolutely recommend it.” Brandon H.

.50oz Food Grade Aluminum Screw on Tin. Use less, because we heal more.