Just some guy, from somewhere in this crazy world, trying to make his way.

And, of course, with all good stories... it begins with a girl.

Once upon a time, I happened into a small town, into a small restaurant, into a small booth, with an even more tiny bar. This little town held not much in the way of want or adventure. It was one of those where stopping in and soon leaving was a quick and easy decision.

And then a bartender…

Long, black hair, beautiful Apache eyes, and a moment where the world stopped. My quick and easy decision to leave just found a quick and easy reason to find a long reason to stay. The conversation began, laughs were had and a friendship was born that lives and loves until this day.

Being a quiet and shy, gentle soul, it was shared with me, many months later in confidence, that she has Cold Sores. Never wanting to speak of this and never wanting anyone to see her during, I vowed then and there with a promise to find a way to help her, naturally.

So began this incredible journey. Lives continued to be lived. Work, study, sleep. Hour upon hour of research, building a lab, numerous trials and errors and I finally found what I believed was the apotheosis of my efforts. I reached out and asked friends if they would experiment with any ailment and let me know their results good, bad, and ugly. Friends, friends of friends, and then persons I had never known, began using Zombie on cold sores, cuts, burns, eczema, chapped lips, bee stings and so many more. In almost every application I was receiving amazing feedback. How quickly it began healing and can I make them another, that they wanted to share some with family and friends.

After so many successful reports back and watching how positively this has affected numerous lives, I made the call. “Remember the promise I made you many a moon ago, you know, for the zombie lips?” There was laughter out loud, and a moment of silence.

“I did it…”

And thus a company was born.

Founded on caring, on love, on friendship, and hope, if even in the most slight of ways.

Hi everybody, I’m Brian Armer. Thank you for being here. I’ve been an athlete geek the majority of my life, and have had numerous broken bones, wounds, and some pretty good stories along the way!

My best buddy is my dog. 100% of the time. I’ve lost friends and those that have remained get upset that I will not go anywhere without him by choice. If he can’t go, I can’t go. Best buddies are always best buddies.

A little tidbit that I rarely talk about, but if interested, I have fought and survived cancer. Had it not been for, to this day, one of my life’s passions, Jiu Jitsu, I would not be here, literally. I was training and fighting in Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and mixed martial arts from 15 years old. At 23 on my birthday, after a heavy week at college, fought a Jiu-Jitsu competition and was forced to go to the hospital after blacking out. They found non-Hodgkins’ lymphoma cancer around my lungs, heart, esophagus, and into my jaw. Given one month to live, I said "NA" and began the 10-year fight.

At the end of living in the hospital and heading toward remission, another piece of life I don’t often speak of, is I fronted a few amazing bands - Juice - My Beautiful Secret, and Glass Cut Eternity. It, music, was what kept me with hope and purpose. Between singing, and the minimal martial arts I could do physically, as I refused to quit, were my strength. they became my refusal to get beat mentally and emotionally. I found theses as breathing. the boys I was playing with from Sexart, Videodrone, Cradle of Thorns, Adema, Juice, and My Beautiful secret. all are absolutely amazing musicians, and it was such an honor. Love you boys!

We had an amazing run, and then life happens, and you always find a way. I ran facilities for years at Chevron North American Exploration and Production. Oil drying, stability inflow, and lact outsourcing. Writing federal, state, and city-regulated permitting and 1001 other controls. This is where I met my second-best friend.

I left Chevron as my soon-to-be wife who was fighting breast cancer and I were both on the same lease which created a potential issue in contract, and I simply refused to complicate her, what I thought was healing. She was an amazing chemical engineer who lost her life to breast cancer, on the day we were to be married. Yeahh...deep breath, exhale...

And, that begins the story of running a microbiologic microturbine reactor site. Where I created energy from microbiology to power a natural reactor site to clean non-potable water into potable water to place back into human consumption, safely. I loved it as the only human on planet earth that could run the site, it was incredibly challenging. I was having to find solutions to problems daily in engineering and application and find ways to build a functional marriage of the two to keep the site alive and running. (Thank you Chevron for all the amazing training and experience.)

All the while running the science and testing for this amazing passion that is Zombie Sport Co. Learning, growing, and building! I was beginning to see the results of years of hard work come in...

And began to smile.

Through all of my life’s experience and wanting to always be as clean and safe as possible with wounds, I’ve seen the consequences of not taking care immediately of what was seemingly an “ahh it’s nothing” scratch to almost death from a staph infection, had always been on the search for what zombie was to become. I never could find anything that was natural and powerful, that wasn’t chemically based. so, I said, you know what, create your own.

And so, I went to work, researching, testing, and experimenting for years on different herbal and plant extracts, essential oils, and other natural ingredients until I finally created a unique combination of ingredients that not only provided the healing and protection, I was looking for, but also had the perfect balance between power and gentleness. I am proud to say that this is what Zombie was born from.

It took many years of trial and error, literally almost napalming my face off several times to build Zombie Sport Co. those were interesting days. I have a deep passion for the sciences, it’s just the way my brain works. When in 8th grade received an invite to a college science competition and out of 30 colleges, placed 10th haha, that was awesome! I Have studied emphatically my entire life how's, what's, when's, where's, and whys in many topics that we’ve been told were absolute. I needed to understand why there were no other options and If I could, I had to find a scientific alternative to an emphaticism.

Thank you for being here. thank you for taking the time to read this. Truly means the world.

PS. just a quick thought. Ford, Apple, and Instagram all had to start somewhere.

OK, awesome! Let’s get out there and smash some skulls!