Why Zombie Sport?

In the pulsing heart of every athlete beats the relentless pursuit of excellence. This often means facing the physical toll of intense training sessions and spirited competitions. Scrapes, cuts, and abrasions can become badges of honor, but they also require proper care to prevent infection and promote rapid healing. Enter Zombie Sport Company's all-natural trauma and wound care – the art of healing.

At the heart of Zombie Sport Company's formula lies a curation of incredible ingredients, each playing a vital role in nurturing the skin back to its natural radiance and vigor.

Shea Butter: The Emollient Warrior

Rich in vitamins A and E, and essential fatty acids, shea butter stands as a powerhouse of moisture. It's known for its deep moisturizing properties and ability to reduce inflammation—a common symptom of cold sores.

Coconut Oil: The Tropical Healer

Coconut oil, loved by many for its antiviral properties, battles against the herpes simplex virus—the culprit behind cold sores. It's an excellent skin conditioner, making it perfect for maintaining the suppleness and resilience required by athletic endeavors.

Vitamin E Oil: The Skin Guardian

A champion of skin health, vitamin E oil works to combat free radicals while facilitating the healing process of blisters and sores. It's a natural preservative that extends the shelf-life of our product without the need for harsh chemicals.

Beeswax: The Barrier Builder

Creating a protective barrier on the skin's surface, beeswax aids in locking in moisture and guarding the tender lip area against environmental assaults that can aggravate cold sores.

Helichrysum Oil: The Scar Vanquisher

Respected for its regenerative properties, helichrysum oil may promote cell growth, reduce inflammation, and hasten healing—a precious ally in any athlete's wound care arsenal.

Eucalyptus Oil: The Cooling Giant

While providing a cooling sensation that relieves the itching and discomfort associated with cold sores, eucalyptus oil also brings to the table its antimicrobial prowess.

Peppermint Oil: The Soothing Breeze

A natural analgesic, peppermint oil offers a cooling effect that eases the pain from cold sores, while its antiviral properties help in reducing the blistering.

Lavender Oil: The Gentle Embrace

Lavender oil is adored for its ability to soothe skin irritation and promote calmness - an essential quality when dealing with the stress and sleep disturbances that accompany a cold sore outbreak.

Frankincense Oil: The Age-Old Healer

Revered since ancient times, frankincense oil promotes a healthy inflammatory response and is believed to strengthen the immune system—both crucial in the fight against cold sore outbreaks.

Apple Cider Vinegar 'with the Mother': The Natural Purifier

Raw, unfiltered, and packed with enzymes, apple cider vinegar (ACV) 'with the Mother' helps maintain the skin's pH balance. Its antiseptic properties cleanse the area, fostering an environment conducive to healing.

For the athlete, every ingredient in Zombie Sport’s wound care formula has a purpose, backed by a scientific understanding of natural healing processes. Whether it's abrasions, cuts, or other skin traumas, this product is specially crafted to support your body’s intrinsic ability to regenerate and heal. The journey of an athlete is one filled with challenges and perseverance. And when it comes to wound care, Zombie Sport Company is here to ensure that journey is supported by the best that nature has to offer. With Zombie Sport, welcome back your skin's health and your optimal performance—naturally.