Ultimate Performance Fuel

These protein infüzed ketones help initiate muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown. Perfect for advanced post-workout muscle repair and recovery.

These upgraded electrolytes offer unparalleled energy and performance and sustained muscle mass. The best hydration in the world.

Step up your workouts with the ONLY exogenous ketone in the world created through natural fermentation. Sustainable energy, focus, and so much more.

Rapid release ketones hit your bloodstream quicker for a faster uptick in energy and focus. Great for that last minute workout fuel to help find that extra gear

In the spring of 2020, we found ourselves several years removed from our college basketball and tennis days. Without the structured practices, conditioning plans, or upcoming seasons to prepare for, we lost touch with the fitness and healthy lifestyle that had been integral to our lives. When we did manage to hit the gym, our sessions were either cut short or lacked the intensity needed for real benefits. It wasn't until we discovered ketones that we truly regained the fitness levels we had in our early 20s. Initially, we were thrilled to have the energy to power through our workdays without succumbing to the mid-afternoon slump. But as we delved deeper, we were amazed at the multitude of ways ketones improved our lives: enhanced focus, better sleep, diminished cravings for junk food, and dramatically improved workouts. Three years into this journey, we haven't missed a single day of drinking our ketones. The energy boost in the gym is incredible and doesn't result in a crash, unlike the effects of sugar or caffeine. Ketones have enriched our lives in countless ways, and we're passionate about sharing them with others seeking similar improvements. We look forward to sharing ketones with you.

  • Brendan and Maddie McCoy

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